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Checking a Baby’s Health Before Birth


     During pregnancy, it is important to know as much as possible about the health of the developing fetus (unborn baby). For some women, this means testing for birth defects or genetic syndromes. Babies can be born with birth defects even when the mother is healthy. The Northwest Arkansas Prenatal Genetic Screening Program can help detect birth defects and genetic syndromes.


Your baby’s health exam in early pregnancy.


You deserve to know as much as you can about your unborn baby as early as possible.


Now you can get some piece of mind with our early prenatal assessment.


***Now offering First Trimester Prenatal Fetal Health Evaluation:


First trimester prenatal fetal health evaluation includes consultation, first trimester ultrasound/ NT, fetal gender determination (find out if you are having a girl or boy at 11-12 weeks), and genetic screening (first trimester screening or Harmony testing – uses your blood to determine if the fetus is at risk for Down syndrome at 11-12 weeks). Our prenatal assessment includes consultation, labs, and ultrasound in order to help ensure you that your baby is developing normally.


We use state of the art ultrasound to visualize details of your developing baby. We are the first office in this area to offer non-invasive lab testing for genetic abnormalities.


Your consultation, labs, and ultrasound are covered by your insurance. We accept all insurances.


We offer a variety of prenatal screening tests and diagnostic tests to help you.


     Prenatal Screening Tests:


  •                 First Trimester Screening

  •                 Sequential Screening

  •                 Second Trimester Screening

  •                 Cell free fetal/twin DNA screening

  •                 Fetal RhD genotyping  


     Diagnostic Tests:


  •                 Amniocentesis

  •                  Ultrasound



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