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I am the first physician to bring modern Maternal-Fetal Medicine to Northwest Arkansas in 2012. Before I established my clinic in Northwest Arkansas, patients would have to drive 2-3 hours away to get a proper evaluation and specialized obstetric care. Now, patients can get the care they need right here.

I am the only board certified, fellowship-trained Maternal-Fetal Medicine (MFM) specialist in Northwest Arkansas, trained by Duke University who is consistently ranked as a top 20 "Best Hospitals" by U.S. News & World Report.


Maternal-Fetal Medicine clinic of Northwest Arkansas is the only clinic in Northwest Arkansas accredited by the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine (AIUM), one of three clinics in the entire state of Arkansas accredited to perform detailed pregnancy ultrasounds. We have been accredited since 2015 (when first offered by AIUM).

While other doctors may transfer your care out of the area to farther away places in Oklahama or Missouri, I plan to keep you right here for great care at home in Northwest Arkansas so you can still see your family.

Experience counts! Who will you trust with your health and your most precious baby? In my career, I have taken care of over 15,000 pregnancies. I have taken care of NFL Superbowl champs' wives, NBA ballers' wives, MLBers' wives, and local and national celebrities. In Northwest Arkansas, I have taken care of over 7,500 pregnancies - NOT low risk, but HIGH risk patients over the past 8 years. This includes over 400 high risk twin pregnancies in Northwest Arkansas. I have performed over 40 baby saving cervical cerclages in which the cervix was open, including the 4th longest delayed interval delivery of twins in the world at a whopping 135 days apart !!! 

I started the Perinatal Task Force at Willow Creek Women's Hospital in order to establish proper protocols for the safety and care of mothers and babies and enforce standards of care. I am currently on the Arkansas Maternal Mortality Review Committee. Because of my training at Duke University and membership in SMFM, I have relationships with colleagues throughout the country who have clinical expertise in many areas of obstetrics. Also, I have a close working relationship with Arkansas Children's Hospital and Children's Kansas City Hospital.

I/we strive for "5 stars" treatment (Google, Healthgrades). I treat everyone like they are my family. If we fail to give 5 star treatment, please let us know so we can fix it! (sorry, I have no control over billing, however, we practice transparent billing and I am cost-conscious about your care. I guarantee that I don't "run up the bill" unlike others in this area). 

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